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What About Truck Driver Jobs?

Different types of truck driver jobs offer different earnings opportunities:

Rates of pay and potential earnings vary considerably within the industry. Most city pick-up-and-delivery drivers are paid by the hour. In long-haul operations, truck drivers are usually paid a specified rate per mile, or, in some cases, a percentage of the revenue the motor carrier receives for the load hauled.

via American Trucking Association – Get Trucking.

With so many different types of truck driver jobs to choose from, you may be wondering if professional truck driving is right for you.

We found a recent post on the ecapital blog, which does a pretty darn good job of describing several common types of trucking jobs that are available to professional drivers.

Some of the most common trucking jobs are:

Generally speaking, the highest-paying truck driver job types are reefers, tankers, flatbeds, low-boys, bull and auto haulers; however, these also require more training and certification.

via ecapital.com blog

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